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WordPress is actually a member of the CMS family, which is best suited for site design and optimization

What is CMS

A content management system (CMS) is a set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content

What is WordPress

WordPress is a ready-made CMS or platform that complies with your hosts so we can help you manage the contents of your website, such as photos, videos and other contents, which means you can add them to your website or remove them and make changes to the content of your website through routine.

The most popular CMS

One of the points that can be expressed about WordPress is its improvement and its usage as a content management system among users.

It’s no wonder that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, because it is simple to work with. And every day, many versions of its extensions are released around the world to provide more features to WordPress users.

In addition, access to this system is completely free and you need to set up your website without having to know the coding languages and previous experience.

There are many CMSs in the world that can be categorized into

WIX, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, etc. Most of them are available for free to users.

But the fact that WordPress is more closely connected with Google is because of the foundation of the blog, and the textual structure has caused the number of people most likely to use WordPress.

Training Requirement

It is crucial to know that it should not be underestimated due to being free, because the correct use of WordPress requires hours of training that Tehran WordPress provided this platform to users. We will be in constant contact with you from the beginning of this route, which is to buy domain to the last step of your website completion


No coding has been made on this site.


There are two hypotheses about the clients

  • The clients has a website
  • The clients is about to launch a website

If you have a website and you do not have proper Google results on the front pages right now, it’s no surprise. Because you did not SEO your website for Google’s search engines, and if you have not yet set up a website, please read the following text

SEO (optimization for search engines)

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is actually a collection of actions inside or outside of the site that will be placed on the first links in the search engines like Google in the specific keyword we are looking for

Why is SEO needed?

SEO is an ongoing process and its result is conceived over time. There will be reduction in costs, including physical or digital advertising expenses. Due to fact that the users target their needs using Google search engines and they are likely to make their purchase on the first page, the importance of SEO in today’s business world will be indexed

Google algorithms

Of course, it’s not so easy to be on the first page with making a few simple moves and changes on the internal and external SEO of our website, because all of these actions should be based on 200 algorithms that Google offers. As a result of using Google’s algorithms, our website will be placed on the front pages, so that the chance of a user referencing to our website will increase much more in comparison with other competitors

Google Penalty

If Google’s robots, which are accordingly entered into the process of SEO with certain algorithms and schedules to review all of our site information in order to provide users with information about the existing algorithms, notice that you have exceeded one of these algorithms, they will be penalizing you, and as a result you will be experiencing a fall in the ranking, a fall in the results. excessive use of the keyword can be one be good examples

Once with training

Get rid of its cost and improve your website rank without any need for SEO experts.

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